Incentive schemes (salaries, bonuses, courses, etc.) weigh heavily on your budget, but do you know exactly what they accomplish ? Are you concerned about the performance of your incentive schemes ? To be aware of how much is lost each year due to inappropriate incentives and how to best align them with your employees?

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Organizations spend large sums annually to provide their employees with the most attractive incentive schemes, training and career opportunities. However, without a perfect alignment between employees’ motivations and the inducements offered, these schemes fail to meet their objectives of rewarding hard work, increasing motivation, stimulating organizational commitment, enabling creativity and innovation.

Without such alignment, they have a negative impact on attitudes and behaviors, leading to disengagement, absenteeism, presenteeism, and even resignations.

These effects have other costs for the organization. They infiltrate all levels and lead to a general loss of efficiency. On the other hand, the efforts required to remedy these situations are consequent, time-consuming, and all the more costly, notably because of the loss of know-how, which is a real problem in the short and long term.