Audit of psychosocial risk factors, stress, burnout: STRESSAverse

Do you know how much your employees’ stress costs you? More than you think, because these losses have a short and long term impact on the staff members, the organization and society. Do you want to assess the psychosocial risks in your organization? Do you want to equip yourself with tools to prevent and manage such risks ?

Ask for the SRESSAverse audit today.

Occupational health, especially its deterioration, is the number one issue in both the short and medium term for any organization. The expenses related to psychosocial risks of employees are becoming the most important item in the budgets of organizations and the trend is unfortunately on the rise.

Human suffering is at the heart of the problem, it leaves lasting traces, sometimes to the point of crushing, and leads to the now famous “burnout”. Stress and anxiety are insufficient to explain and understand this complex equation.

It is therefore necessary to approach the subject with a plural approach in order to be able to identify in time the factors involved, as well as their antecedents, and to react effectively to prevent the appearance and development of these risks within the organization.